How to Use the Program

Once you have started the program, the steps are relatively straight forward.

  1. Choose whether to georeference cities, provinces, or countries.
  2. Select your dataset and define its location variables.
  3. Run the program!

1: Choose whether to georeference cities, provinces, or countries.
You first select which geographic unit (“Cities”, “Provinces”, or “Countries”) you wish to georeference by selecting one of the tabs at the top. Note that city-mode can be used for more than just cities, and can include any type of point-location, even the smallest towns or villages.

2: Select your dataset and settings
Next, you click on the folder button to bring up the menu where you can select your dataset and tell the program which of your variables are the location variables. If desired you may also review and alter a few basic input settings, such as the fuzzy match ratio, which fields to keep in your output, or where to save the output.* To avoid repeating inputting your settings in the case of an error or crash, you can use the buttons at the top of the input screen to save your settings, return to your last save, or clear them if you want to start fresh.

3: Run it!
Finally, click the “play”-icon button to let the software georeference your dataset for you.**

*Although not really required, it is highly recommended that you click on the flag button next to the country field option to manually double check that the software’s automatic country name matching looks correct, and to change them if there were any mistakes. This will take very little time and may ensure a much higher success rate and a confidence that your cases are at least placed in the correct countries.

**While the program is running it shows you live match status updates of what it is doing in the gray area above the progress bar. If you click on the same area you will get an expanded view allowing you to backtrack and explore in more detail which places were matched or not.


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