The Tutorial

I just changed and updated the tutorial to be more user-friendly. The tutorial is now on the website and divided into four different sections:

  1. Optimizing your dataset
  2. How to use the program
  3. Which settings to use
  4. What to do with the results

The easiest way to use the program is just to download and try it, but the tutorial will give you the tips and tricks on how to master and get the most out of it. So if you want some solid tips on how to best use Easy Georeferencer check out the new tutorial page.


“Easy Georeferencer” Official Website Release!


Here goes the official launch of the Easy Georeferencer software homepage. Either go straight ahead to download the program, or read more about how this free and easy-to-use geocoding software makes it possible for you to view your data (Excel or txt files) on a map. New versions of the program will be announced here on the blog.