About the Program

What Does the Program do?
Easy Georeferencer is an easy to use and free geocoding software. It will turn any of your common dataset formats containing citynames, provincenames, or countrynames into shapefiles so you can visualize or analyze them as points or polygons on a map. Because all geocoding takes place offline, there is no limit to how many records you can geocode and your data stays private. In short:

  • Georeferences datasets of many common formats (txt, csv, excel, dbf, dta, sav)
  • Easy: Intuitive, simple, easy, no installation required.
  • Powerful: Handles very large datasets (100k+) and achieves high match-rates.
  • Versatile: geocodes to multiple scales like cities, provinces, or countries.
  • Creates a GIS-ready shapefile containing the information from the input dataset.
  • Free!

Who Can Use It?

Easy Georeferencer was originally created as a simple and small software tool meant to make it easier for social science researchers to view and analyze their data on a map. Though originally created for academic purposes, Easy Georeferencer can also be used by the average citizen who is interested in spatially communicating, visualizing, or analyzing their datasets or spreadsheets. Note however that the software may not be for everyone:

  • In its current version the program is only a “rough geocoder”, it does not georeference down to the level of streets or addresses.
  • Although I might change this in the future, as of now the license agreement does not permit using the program for purely commercial use, meaning that it is probably not suitable for a business, or at least if the purpose is to use it to sell a geocoding service.

Who is the Author?
The software was written and created by Karim Bahgat in the summer of 2013.


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