————– Easy Georeferencer ————–

Easy Georeferencer is a free and easy-to-use Windows program that turns your ordinary datasets into spatial ones so you can view them on maps.
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  • Georeferences datasets of many common formats (txt, csv, excel, dbf, dta, sav).
  • Easy: Intuitive, simple, easy, no installation required.
  • Powerful: Handles very large datasets (100k+) and achieves high match-rates.
  • Versatile: geocodes to multiple scales like cities, provinces, or countries.
  • Creates a GIS-ready shapefile containing the information from the input dataset.
  • Free!



6 thoughts on “————– Easy Georeferencer ————–

      • Hi, Karim you did a great Job by providing this geocoder. Have you finalized the section for addresses?

      • Hi. Thanks, I’m glad you like it. I have not been able to add address geocoding yet. However, I have just started a PhD and part of what I will be working on is a system for geocoding, which means i will probably rework the geocoder into something more robust, and hopefully also add address geocoding. I will make sure to make posts about the progress.

  1. Hi. Can this reverse Geogoce from xy info into state, county, and municipality (or town/city acceptable terminology also)? We have 1 million records with good xy to 8th decimal place but many lacking state county municipality. Thanks.

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