New Version 0.2 Out!

A new version 0.2 is now out and ready for download. New features include:

  • Reads many more dataformats: including any type of .txt or .csv delimited files, as well as .dbf files, Stata .dta files, and SPSS .sav files.
  • City mode is now better at correctly geocoding famous cities, by first checking the Natural Earth cities dataset before either GNS or GeoNames.
  • After city mode is finished geocoding it asks if the user wants to visually edit and correct potentially faulty geocodes from the result on a map that can be zoomed and panned.
  • Province mode will no longer visualize the provinces it has geocoded, but in turn this makes it faster and allows it to handle larger datasets without overloading from memory error.
  • Slightly new visual design with different colors and icons.

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